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Educational Organizatation

The Geodetic Engineering program is extended over 24 months and is structured into mandatory and compulsory elective modules, including teaching units with a duration of one semester. Each module is completed with an exam. Three different types of modules are offered: lectures, seminars, and projects. The basis of evaluation is credit points (CP).

By the beginning of the first semester, the students are required to choose a major and a minor profile out of the following options:

  • Mobile Sensing and Robotics
  • Geodetic Earth System Science and Data Analysis
  • Spatial Information and Development


The curriculum of the MSc program Geodetic Engineering is structured as follows:

  • The first semester
    offers mandatory advanced modules covering the basic knowledge required for the remaining program. Lectures and exercises cover the following topics: Coordinate Systems, GNSS, Statistics and Adjustment Theory, Geoinformation Systems and Earth Observation. For each student, an individual study will cover topics that were not provided by the student's prior education. Chosen profiles will be introduced by two mandatory modules.
  • In the second and third semester,
    students intensify their knowledge by one mandatory and three to five compulsory modules from their major profile. From the minor profile students may choose up to two compulsory elective modules. Two project modules introduce the students to current research topics and train them for self-sufficient research. These topics are meant for preparation towards the Master's thesis and therefore should only be taken from the major profile.
  • The last study semester is devoted to the Master's thesis.

The Master's program is successfully completed once 120 CP have been obtained. Of these, 15 CP will be obtained from advanced modules, 3 points from the individual study plan, 30 to 42 points from modules out of the major profile, 6 to 18 points from modules out of the minor profile and/or external offers, 24 points from the projects modules, and 30 points from the Master's thesis.


Course Scheme


Exemplary Syllabus

Depending on current research activities, topics of modules may change. Exemplary, the syllabus may look like this:


 The detailed syllabus is given in the modul guide.   (state 9/26/2017)